Rephy : Heartbroken

I watch Violet barely stagger around the room, she seems to be talking to herself a little.

"Uh, Violet?" I ask, patting her on the arm.

"What!?" she snaps. "Can't you see I'm busy? I'm planning something here."

"You look a bit weak...." Violet sighs. She closes her eyes.

"Strong." She mutters. The light returns to her eyes and her cheeks grow redder.

"Why does anyone care? I need to go fight him. I don't care. I'm going to bring him down. Him. The one who tore my heart into shreds smaller than particles. Into electrons and protons. Into quarks! I will destroy him." Violet mutters to herself, speaking louder by every sentence.

"I will stop him. Stop him from doing any more harm. Only he would do that." Violet faces me. "Do you know how that feels? To give your heart to someone and get it back in a sick bag torn into miniscule bits? Huh? You wouldn't, would you?" She stares at me. I fidget uneasily.

"Viol-" I begin.

"You're not with anyone. How would you know? How can you pretend to care? You don't know anything. You just walk on ceilings. NO ONE KNOWS HOW I FEEL! WHY? I WAS SUCH AN IDIOT." Violet keeps shouting. I walk to her. I give her a hug. Violet struggles to get out. "GO AWAY! I DON'T NEED ANYONE......" I don't budge. Violet starts sobbing, and she puts her head on my shoulder.

"I don't need anyone...." she whimpers. I feel her tears, wet against my cheeks. I pat her on the back.

"Everything will turn out well." I reassure her.

"How d'you know?"

"I...I.." I didn't know. "Don't worry."

The End

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