Orphian: we can't sit here any longer

They ignored me barely a thanking for getting them up.  I'm sure the Ian guy would come while there were still unconsciouss.  They all went to change while i went in to the Kitchen. I haven't been here long but its seems people are losing hope if they are joining that Ian guy.  If we sat here any longer waiting for a miracle to happen we will certianly be killed.  Jade and Brandon where sitting in the living room. Jade seemed  upset  ,and she was talking to Brandon i think they had similar thoughts about our situation.   I walked over to them.

" do you have a plan to fight these guys?" I said , " everyone seems to be losing hope here. I think its time to stop waiting for a miracle. Or else this cause will be lost. No ones listening to me. so can you two two lead these people out of the hole?" 

Thats when  the soldiers came unexpectadly.

I smiled "Ready for a fight Brandon?"  My arm began to charge glowing dark red.

The End

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