Jade: Embracing My Powers

I hurt. Arc- the one that I knew, and trusted because I thought he was my friend- he hurt me so badly. And I couldn't use my powers. In fact, I lost control of them so that each moment lasted three times longer.

When I finally got out of the agony, I was doused with cold water. And I screamed. In that one instance, right when that water cleared from my head the emotional worries that had been building up, I felt it. The other fabrics, between my fingers. Still no space, but more time... imaginary time, and eleven-dimensional time. Many many more came to my power. They were not on earth, these dimensions, they were away from the earth, where I came from.

But I noticed that no one had heard me scream. Time was stopped. And suddenly, it started running backwards, carrying me through the torture again. But then I was sitting in a rocking chair, my face old and wizened. And then I was with Brandon, the first time I had kissed him. What had happened to my powers?

And finally I was in the present, standing there. Everyone was leaning over Violet. I mechanically walked into the living room. I felt where we had left the black hole. I reached for it, feeling it, and then before me was a mirror. It showed me, but rather than the present me, me as I was before, when I was a baby, injected with the chemical, and then my life played out before me.

I saw all of my drama and the things I had done when I was little. And I saw myself in the future, but I could not understand what was happening. I was more powerful than I had been before, but that was not a good thing. I didn't want to kill anybody. I could, now, without touching them. If I stretched time around them, if I used my powers, I could do so much.

But power hurt. I went to where Brandon stood, and dragged him into the living room. I told him of what had happened, with much crying and incoherent ranting. And when he tried to tell me it was okay, I told him it wasn't. Finally I made a choice.

"Brandon, will you help me? I'm going to find Meita, help her if I can, but my main goal is now... to kill. I shall kill Ian and Renon if I can. I shall kill Arc as well. If I can help the world I will. I'm not really human, none of us are. But now, I will embrace what I can do, even if I die."

"Jade, are you sure?"


The End

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