Meita: the eraser

I look down at the sleepin boy around my age. His hair is cut short and is a honey blond color. He's quite tall and muscular.

It's shocking how healthy he is when he hasn't been awake for 5, maybe more, months.

I sigh and look across at Ian standing at the door. Arc and Renon stand behind him. I glare at Arc and see him flinch slightly.

I turn back to the eraser....... Contemno. I sigh then lean down to his ear.

"Wake up Con" I whispers. His eyes brust open and I step back.

"Meita" he says tilting his head.

I smile then it slowly fades off my face. He gets to his feet. The clothing he is wearing is loose and is of thin fabric.

He shivers.

"My it's cold here" he says rubbing his arms. He then spots Ian and slowly bows. I feel like I want to be sick.

"Ian" he says straightening up.

"Contemno" Ian says smiling.

"I leaving" I say walking and blasting it apart by the air molecules.

I hear Ian sigh. "Ain't she something" he whispers and I know he's smiling. I wave a hand behind me and I hear him hit the floor.

"Don't go far, Meita" he calls. I don't dare to disobay him. Oh, Nero.....

The End

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