Violet: Why does my sub-conscious mind have to give me two options?

My eyelids fluttered open.

"Finally," I gasped. I tried to lift myself up. So this is heaven, huh?

It looked exactly like the unit. My body was not working at the minute, and I wondered while I still had it. Maybe you had a body in heaven after all. Or hell. I waited for something wierd to happen. I've seen this all before; somebody dies, they think they are lucky and survive so they go and do what they normally do and everything is like a parallel universe.

Same old, same old.

I waited, but nothing happened. I realised that my eyes weren't functioning properly. I heard voices, but saw nobody. I blinked. That was about as much as I could do.

Then I saw. My friends leaning over me, sopping wet. They were all muttering my name. I should have felt relief. I should be overjoyed. But I couldn't feel anything. And, in my senses, nobody else felt any emotion either. But from my human senses, sight, hearing.. I could tell they were feeling something.

Well, that's what near death experiences do to ya, I muttered in my head. Wait, I thought. I was dead. I know I was. Then how..

I groaned.

"What?" Orphian said.

"Go away. I'll only miss you more. I can't do this to myself," I sighed, shoving him out of the way. "Actually. I should spend as much time with you lot in my sub-conscious mind as I can. Or would that hurt me more when I really do wake up in heav- the afterlife..?" I trailed off. Of course, my sub-conscious mind was giving me my memories of my friends so I could re-use them and get as much out of them as I could. I was doubting if I should though, if it would ache more when they were gone forever..

"What the hell are you talking about?" Rephy screeched.

"Ow. Quiet. I'm trying to figure out how to do this." I mentally calcuated the pain I would get from it. Lots. But I had felt worse emotional pain when..


I had forgotten about him, although he was the reason I was here now, waiting for my death to be complete. Until I was safely out of earth, and into the atmospheres above. Or below.

Even though my last words were, "Ok, Arc, I love you too," my mind took over. No time for emotions now.

He broke me. He tortured me. He murdered me. I bet that wasn't going to look good on his record. Although, with him, I wouldn't be surprised if he had murdered somebody before.

So what was I going to do about him?

My mind broke off into many branches on this thought. I went through them and eliminated some, until I narrowed down to two.

Number one: Forgive him.

Number two: Avenge him.

I debated with myself in my head, knowing there was really no argument in the first place. I knew my answer already. And I knew I had to do it.








So I picked number two.

The End

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