Aysh: WTHH??

After the new guy showed up, Me and Kayden went up stairs. I could feel the new dudes eyes on me, and heard him ask where we were going. Then I heard Rephy tell him we were together. I glance at Kay, and can tell she is listening to his thoughts. As soon as we go through the door, I hug her.

Then I close the door to my room, and create a shield. It is only an energy sield, but will stop the other unit kids. Ian, on the other hand, or Renon, could bust right through. I don't know why they would want to, but I can't stop them...

I sit on my bed, and make an identical one for Kayden. She smiles, and comes to sit on mine. I prtend to act outraged, and she just smiles, getting comfy. I give up the fake anger, and snuggle in too. A cuple seconds, and I manifest a T.V. I flip it to Boomerang, an american chanal. It has all sorts of wierd cartoons. We hear the sound of the door opening, and I guess another person came to join our prison.

I focus, and sound proof the room. Thats better. I suddenly remember.

"Kay, what was Felek thinking that made you smile?" I whisper.

She gigles before answering, "At first, when he walked in, he thought 'what the hell am I doing here?' and then he saw you, and thought 'maybe this won't be to bad.'"

"then you sw him looking at you, and showed your power to him. He thought that maybe you liked him too. He was getting his hopes up, and then you asked me to come up stairs. As we were walking away, he asked where we were going. Rephy told him we were together. These are his thoughts exactly.'well, maybe shes bi....'"

Then Kay gets this freaked out look, and asks in a quiet voice," You're not, are you?"

"NO!!!!! Kay, I love you, and no one else, no matter what gender they are. YOU!!!"

We both smiled, and snuggled closer.

The End

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