Meita: Fail

I know what Ian is planning. He's gonna try use the kid. The eraser.

I sigh and look around at the glass. Doesn't he know that the eraser can't touch me. One touch and all air on earth with vanish. Thats how I almost died the first time.......

I look at the spiders and scorpians then sigh. God, I'm sighing a lot.

My lungs burn, I don't have much air in her and since my powers are based on it I need it. I can't create any either.

The door opens and I watch Ian step in. Part of the glass vanishes and the insects move to the side. "You ready to surrender?" he asks.

"No, and you know that you'll have to watch this contianer till you die. The eraser can't touch me" I hiss.

"Ah, that I know and that I crave" Ian says kneeling in front of me. "Arc changed sides you know, he's working for me"

"What have you done with Violet?" I spit.

"She's dead" My face goes white. Arc killed her....... he actually killed her.

"Look Meita, you have two opitions. Join me or sit in here for the rest of your life. I would prefur it if you picked join me...... or do I have to bring Nero in to die" He smiles.

"Please..... No" I whisper.

"He lives if you join me" Ian says smiling.

"I've failed" I whisper.

"Always gonna be, Meita. I control space and am the sore ankle of every goverment" Ian says. He stands and offers his hand.

I take it and he pulls me to my feet. Then I follow him slowly and silently out the door.

"I have one task for you first" Ian says. I look up at him. "Wake the eraser"

The End

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