Violet: The voice of the Alpha

My eyes flickered open to a bright light. I began moving. The pain had subsided. I saw a figure, standing motionless in front of me. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I began to make out his features. His hair, his dark eyes, the height of his cheekbones..

"Arc?" I whispered.

"Yes." He replied. Emotionless, his tone was solid. No wavers in his voice, just a flat, stable tone.

"No, you're not Arc. Not my Arc. Where is my Arc?!" I cried. I felt to my feet and began to lift myself up. I tried to smack his chest, to eliminate this.. Monster inside him, and to bring back my Arc. Pain surged through my veins and I hopelessly fell back to the cold, hard, stone floor. "Where is my Arc." My voice broke on his name, it was fading into a whisper.

"I am your Arc, I just don't care about you anymore. You're nothing to me."

Something tugged on my chest. It tugged, and wouldn't stop.

Then, it tore.

My dismantled heart burst into flames, a roaring fire, growing bigger and bigger.

He had just ripped my heart into shreds.

Tears brimmed over my eyelids and poured endlessly, like the salt waters of a waterfall.

"No, you're not Arc." I choked. I tried telling him, trying to lure the monster out of him, but they came out in broken sobs. It felt like a sharp jagged rock had thumped me in the back, the current throwing me up against it. I choked in these imaginary waters. Then somebody said something that I didn't understand. It began with 'P' but sound like, 'Just wet it.'

I heard footsteps on the pavement, turning to walk away, but a harsh, fierce voice sounded.

"Kill her."

His voice sounded like the voice of an Alpha. One that could not be refused.

I didn't see what was bad about this. Why would I need to live, if.. He was the only thing I was living for, anyway? I remembered back to when I found that Lunar Wolf in the basement. I was so sure I would die. And I was okay with it. But Meita saved me, and I am so grateful of her for doing that. Because I never would have found Arc. My Arc. And it should be me, saving Meita, right now. Not just saving her life, but her and Nero's relationship. I tried to run to save Meita, but Arcs grip was too strong and tight. He tortured me for what felt like eternity. But; through it all, I managed a smooth enough whisper that he would understand.

"Okay, Arc, I love you too."

Then, everything stopped. My heart had long ago stopped beating, when he ended it with them last words.

'I am your Arc, I just don't care about you anymore. You're nothing to me.'

My body was going limp.

Then it ended.

I went, and left the world behind.

The End

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