Arc: Test number 1.

As I was walking around I ran into Ian. He looked pleasantly surprised to see me.

"Take this left and continue on."

I continued walking and did as he said. After a while I saw a figure in the spotlight. I walked closer and saw that it was Violet. She was asleep, but she began fidgiting. Then, she opened her eyes.



But she sensed the emotionless in my voice and felt the lack of emotions within myself.

"No, you're not Arc. Not my Arc. Where is my Arc!"

She summoned the strength to stand up and she began weakly pounding on my chest. I let her feel pain, and she fell back to the floor.

"Where is my Arc."

Her voice was weak now, barely hearable.

"I am your Arc, I just don't care about you anymore. You're nothing to me."

Her face looked visibly broken from heartbreak then she began to cry.

"No, you're not Arc."

Is what she said inbetween sobs. As she layed on the ground, heaving and crying she began muttering something to me. Then, I kicked her, so that she was looking away from me.


Then, I walked away. But, before I could a voice resounded through the darkness.

"Kill her."

I turned around and looked at Violet. Then, I began to torture her. All of her nerves began firing off simeutaneously causing spasms, agony and tears. Then, a stronger personality circumvented my control.

Violet, I am sorry. I am going to bring your heartbeat to zero, but you will not die. Do not worry, I love you and I will wake you when the time has come.

I quickly gained control again. And through her weeping and screams I heard a faint whisper.

"Ok, Arc, I love you too."

Then, tired of toying with her I ended her life, I felt her heart stop then I stopped with the torture. At this, I walked away, not caring. Then, the same voice shouted through the darkness.

"Good. Now, I shall bring her body back for the others to see, it will increase their hate against me and further power my greatest creation."

"What creation is that?"

I heard sliding fabric, probably Ian dragging Violet.

"I created another substance X child, named Contemno, the more hate he feels the more his powers grow."

"And what are his powers?"

"He erases powers. Of course he is sedated now, I can't let him attack me, soon he will be unleashed on the sad people in the unit."

Then, he began to laugh. And I began to walk away.

The End

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