Violet: Fire VS Ice

Agonizing pain flared through my body. Flames wretched and licked my skin, I tossed and turned and thrashed against them.

"You're not Arc." My voice was surprisingly smooth, despite the horror that was tearing through me. Something spread across his face, a smug look. His face laughed at my horror. "No." I whispered. It felt as if ice had been injected through my veins. Not cooling the fire; fighting it - but it was only giving me more pain. Then I realised. There was no winner in the fighting. They would battle for eternity.

He's not Arc.

Not my Arc.

I faintly heard feet trampling up the stairs. I strained against the pain, sure that I would over power it. Everything was so vague.

"Pain," I murmured, meaning for it to be much louder.

Then everything went black.

The End

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