Arc: Interesting.

As Ian and I walked through the portal and as it closed behind us I found myself in a dark place. Most likely underground somewhere.

"Where are we?"

"We are in the White House, the basement to be exact. It is where I am holding Meita."

I nod and follow. Ian leads me through countless corridors and makes sure I don't get lost. It seems that each hallway goes off into the darkness, hiding some loathsome monster.

"Now, you will not see Meita yet, because I cannot be sure of your current stability of self. Instead, I will put you through a series of tests, each to prove your loyalty to me and me alone. However, I will debrief you on what recently happened with Meita. Not to long ago, she attempted to escape, luckly Renon caught her and she is on sedatives now in Wing E."

"What's in Wing E?"

He looks up.

"Wing E is where we keep the collection of spiders, scorpions and other poisonous insects. Except this time we put them in a special kind of glass that reacts to air currents. The moment she begins to use her powers the glass will shatter and she'll be swarmed. We have already informed her before the sedation."



"So, what is the first test?"

"Hurting your love, Violet."


"Not now of course, I'll happen though. I just have to make sure that Project Nemesis hasn't been activated yet before I send you in. I'll get back to you with the results."

At this he left me, all alone, in the dark. So I decided to walk around. As I walked down the cavernous corridors I came across a door marked 'Testing Facility' and I walked in.

It was a large lab, with case files in a stack on the counter. I could see the substance from the meteor was here. I walked to the case files and saw a plethora of names, on a fraction of which where in the containment unit. Eventually I found mine and I took it. I opened it to the first page and began to read.

==Arc Dander: Casefile.==

Name: Arc Dander.

Age: O yrs. 2 days.

Weight: 4 pounds, 3 ounces.

May 27th 2000.

After injection with substance X Arc began to react with rage. One of the nurses felt a headache comming on, but the headache began to get worse. She told me and then the headache became to much. Arc and I watched as the nurse clawed through her skull to stop the pain, she died.

It seems that Arc's power is the ability to inflict pain. We created Project Nemesis as a retalition spec. Just incase he became loose.

We let Arc go with his parents off to their dilapedated shack they call a house. With interests of a return visit to know of his future.

June 23, 2007.

Arc is now seven, we went to his house, he lives alone now. It seemed that during his stages of temper tantrum Arc accidently killed his parents, how lonely. A psych examination found Arc to have psycopathy and multiple personality disorder. Of his many personalities three were shown during the examination; Nice Arc, Dominant Arc, and a personality named Hector who had homicidal tendencies.

After the examination we tested his range of ability and found it to be quite lengthy, with reduced effect over space. His maximum range seemed to be 30km. His powers also seemed to be effected by eye contact and empathy of the reciever. Dierda, the more empathetic the reciever the more pain they recieved during implemation of his power. In all of these examinations, only three died.

We sent him back to his home.

July 26, 2014.

He was at his home again, being plagued by Ian and Yocta. Shortly after this interview it is to be noted that Yocta was murdered by Renon who usurped him. When he came into the center we gave him another psych examination. This time we found him to be more stable with himself and his personalities. He created a system by which one personality would have control until taken over by a stronger personality or until they relinquished their hold upon the body. He was more reserved and quiet but reacted more with violence. We retested his range and found it to not have increased.

What was not expected however, is that because of the mass of personalities Arc became very logical and smart. Able to think of strategies to certain situations that would turn out in his favour within a matter of seconds and large equations were easy for him to do as he seemed to trail off on multiple trains of thought which is unheard of even in the testing world.

==Back to Arc's point of view.==

I closed the folder and put it back among the others.

Hector, yes I remember him. He bullied the kids at school.

I smiled to myself as I began to do a head count of all the personalities.

1,385. Just as there should be.

I walked over and took a vial of substance X, incase it could come in handy. Then, I left the room and began walking around again, staying clear of Wing E.

The End

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