Orphian: Nemisis

The pain it hurt a lot. My vision blurred with red. what the hell I thought. This guy Arc  was a good person a minute ago. As the world goes to black , and i lose conciousness.  them my memory went to a lab

" Inserting Nemisis chip.... Now."  A male voice said

A women was crying " His fate is already chosen by science , he's only a baby and he's able to kill people." she screeched 

" Its only going to activate if the others  like him threaten him or become a threat to the world." the male voice said 

Then it was like computer only in my head

Nemisis drive current status: activating

Hosts currunt status: Out cold

attemping cooperative route

loading nemisis into bio computer ( I'm guessing my brain)

10 %  20% 30% 40%   all the way up to 100% loaded .  then laughably enough the blue screen of death shows up. waiting for host

Host current status: Now awake 

welcome to Nemisis program  letters read on the inside of my eyeball

" what the hell are you?"  i asked

 "A computer training  program."  the word apeared on the bottom of my vision

" um suposedly how do you train me?"  I asked

"it doesn't  the progam loads to your brain" Nemisis writes

" then why i'm i talking to you ?"  i asked starting to get a little ticked

"To tell you what the Nemisis program is. is the training " Nemisis writes 

" Ok what is this program."  I ask

" A progam allowing you full control over your power and  other abilities such as stealth assasination, immproved reflexes and  I will take over your functions when your out cold." nemisis writes

" you mean  I didn't have full control over my powers?" i ask

"nope. now you do. my creator attached me to you because these people could potentially be corrupted by greed. you are the failsafe" Nemisis writes 

" your making me sound like hero. I'm nowhere close , and besides what if i was corrupted?" I asked


" I shut down your brain funtions and take over."

 " Ok. I'll just fight this guy Ian and arc alright?" i said

"Thats all you need to do. Bye for now " It wrote

Ok so apparently i'm a failsafe from a chess game that started around 14-15 years ago and now i'm being  implemented. great. I didn't like it. Nemisis mentioned I had  full control over my power. I charged my arm it glower red dark red then bang  I shot a monster lazer blast through the wall.  it went through the room and went outside. Ok then.





The End

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