Arc: Hopeless, except...

As Violet and I ran into the house, away from Meita I immediately felt hopeless.

I can't help her.

Violet saw my sad face and tried to cheer me up by kissing me. I shoved her to the side and walked away, the look on her face was almost heartbreaking. I went into my room and locked the door and I sat on my bed. I went through the steps of sealing my emotions again, and I was void of feeling.

I'm sorry Violet, this is the only way.

Then, I enter my mind. All around me are different versions of myself, and I create another one. As he takes over my body, my eyes open. I know the plan, and the outcome of it all, all the equations checked out, I just couldn't let them know. As the alternate personality took over, I felt my influence fading but fought to keep it up. Then, he took over.

==From now on, the true Arc will be hidden. All will experience his current personality; emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.==

I stood up, the memories all came back now.

Yes, Ian was right, they are all evil, they all deserve to die.

As I walk towards the door I feel a whisper deep within, I ignore it. As I step out of my room, the first person to greet me is Violet, the emotion knower.

"Arc, are you OK?"

"Feel pain!"

I then use my power to make her feel pain. She falls to the ground in an agony and anquish, pain, hurt and confusion are written all over her face. She cries out.


As I continue to make her feel pain. Then she begins to cry, tears streaming down her face.

"You're not Arc."

As the group downstairs begins to hear her agony they run up and see me. They each attack me with their individual powers, but I inflict upon them the power of pain, far beyond any of their thresholds. After some time, they all pass out and I relieve the stress of pain.

I walk over and on their bodies to the front door. Some are old faces, others new, but each one held a face of confusion and anquish. A sharp contrast to my face, emotionless. Then, Ian appears the space around him funneling into some unknown place.

"Is Meita here?"

I look at him with cold, sunken eyes.

"Check the body count upstairs."

He smirks as he steps out of his space portal. It closes behind him and he travels up the stairs, seeing the mass of bodies strewn on the floor.

"Are they dead?"

"No, but close to."

"Perfect, how long will they be out."

"They'll wake up in about eight hours."

He nods, satisfaction written on his face and shouted by his body.

"Wonderful. It's good that you finally came to your senses, now come with me through the portal we have work to do."

I nod but I feel something wet on my face. I wipe it away with my hand.

A tear? For what.

Then, Ian creates a portal and steps through it, and I do too. All the while feeling the control of something else beyond me.

It doesn't matter now, I have the power to enslave the world, even the great Meita. No one can resist the carnal agony of pain.

The End

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