Orphian: No destruction yay?

Thankfully the interuption of the new guys and arc had stopped the blackhole thing. But there was no escaping. Damm I thought, oh well I went to my room. the hole in my wall was now filled by a forcefield.  I charged my arm with a lazer  and shot it. The forcefield broke. "What? No way! Sweet!" I said exitedly. All though  I didn't need to use it at the moment.  "Well when the time arises it shall come in handy."  I thought .  I sat on the bed what should I do now? I looked in the mirror the dirt on my whitish silver hair and on my face made me take a shower. Then I thought hell I can escape now. since there isn't much for me here i wonder if anyone wants to come.  I'll ask Brandon later since no one else seemed to like me here much.

The End

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