Meita: Ouch, that's gotta hurt

I kick a rock and send it flying in to the distance. I sigh and yet again begin pacing.

"Err" I scream. I look across at the corridor. If only I could reach it. I run at it but the more I run the more tired I get. Besides it doesn't seem to get any closer.

I kick a rock and yelp. "Ouch, that's gotta hurt" I turn on Ian and scowl.

"Let me out of here Ian" I hiss.

"No" he says smiling. I charge at him and swing a fist. He tries to dodge but I'm to quick and it connects with his face. I then bring my knee up into his stomach.

I feel the space get smaller. I smile then run towards the corridor. I hit solid ground and smile happily. I turn to see Ian running after me but I don't wait longer. I run down the hall and break into a room.

The exit would have been moved by now. I lock the door behind me adding extra air pressure for comfort. I sigh and look around. It's a sort of office. I run over to the desk and grab the phone.

"I hope he hasn't taken the controller apart" I whisper then speed dial the number on the phone marked Unit controller.

The End

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