Nero: Me And My Dumb Legs

I slumped on the sofa. Where is Meita?! One second she was there, but I blinked and...she was gone. I gave a huge sigh and rubbed at my eyes, looking at the spot where she stood, bound in Ian's tight arms. 

Why did you take her away from me?I thought to myself. A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. Rephy ran over to it.

"Coming!" she shouted. I stood up.

"Rephy, wait!" I shouted. She stopped and turned, her hair swishing delicately like a shampoo advert. I smiled and scratched the back of my neck.

"Sorry that you had to sleep on the ceiling a few days ago, I um...didn't want to leave Meita." I said, apologetically. She grinned and laughed.

"It's fine. I really don't blame you, I would've done the same." and with that, she turned around and answered the door. I watched her greet people and slumped up the stairs, when I got to the top I looked down where I saw a boy look at me. I walked backwards in the direction I was going and nodded once, giving him a grin and saluting with my two first fingers.

I then turned and walked through the corridors of the house, glancing occasionally through doors that were open a slight crack where people sat, smiling and chatting. I sighed and slumped down the side of the wall.

Suddenly I felt a jolt on my legs, and a huge slam on the floor, there lay Aysh, rubbing at her head and making a strange noise. She'd tripped over my legs.

I gasped and picked her up, "Are you alright?! and my dumb legs." she awkwardly looked up at me and fixed her hair, pulling her t-shirt down a little lower. She gave a giggle.

"I'm fine." I smiled and kept her stable by holding her elbows. 

"I hope so, that was quite a fall." I examined her and saw blood on her forehead. "You're bleeding! Quick, come into the bathroom and i'll fix you up." I pulled at her arm down the hall to the bathroom where I dabbed at her head with a damp cloth.

The End

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