Rephy : Tours

I hear the door knock and run towards it on the ceiling. Who could it be? New person?

"Coming!" I yell. I open the door. "Hi!" I see a new boy up-side down. He looks down at me, terrified. Oh yeah, I quickly take gravity away, making him float a little too, and stand on my two feet normally.

"I'm Rephy," I introduce myself and hold out a hand. "I control gravity! You, what's your power?" He takes my hand and shakes it lightly.

"I'm Felek. Uh, what's a power?" He asks, confused. I look at him and frown. If he didn't have one, then why is he here? Or maybe he just doesn't know yet?

"Don't worry about it," I smile. "Want a tour?"

I take him into the kitchen, and introduce him to the others. We tell Felek about Meita, Ian and Renon. He looks a bit worried.

A while later, someone else comes through the door.

"Hello?" the voice calls.

"Two people in one day?" I ask. No one new comes, then suddenly two newbies are here in the same day! Me, Kayden and Felek wander to the door, Felek meets him and puts out a hand.

"Felek." he says. "The other newbie. I got here about an hour ago. What's your name?" The new guy shakes his hand and smiles.

"What's your power?" Kayden asks.

"Morph," he answers. Then suddenly, Kayden runs straight into him and give Morph a hug. They know each other?

I introduce Morph to the others like with Felek before. I see Morph glance at Aysh. Sorry, pal, she's taken! Kayden chuckles, and gives me a thumbs up. After a few introductions and a basket of muffins, Aysh and Kayden retreat upstairs.

"Where are they going?" Morph asks.

"They're a couple. Don't even try." I explain. He looks confused, then he raises his eyebrows, then he opens his mouth, then he closes his mouth, then silence.

"I think I'll just go see the bedrooms...." he mutters, walking towards the stairs. Spying on them, huh?

"Don't spy on them. You do not want to get Kayden mad. She got into my head once and I nearly went mental." I see Morph look terrified.

"On second thoughts, I can always go later." He says, I smile.

The End

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