Kayden: Morph and Talk

I screamed and threw myself at Morph. I was just about to make my way upstairs when he'd come through the door. I'd known this guy practically my whole life, his family used to vacation right near my dad's house. Although, he'd only recently taken to being called Morph. Now it made sense. He stood in front of me and shape shifted, demonstrating his power for the rest of the group. There were multiple "Oooh"'s.  "No need for the explanation of your new nickname eh?" I asked him, laughing. I'd asked him so many times why he'd chose the name Morph... and he never did tell me. Now it all made sense.

"Why didn't you tell me?!" I asked. He shrugged, as though being able to morph your own body was no big deal. Typical. I laughed at him. "Anyway," I told him.  "Get to know the others, they're awesomme! I'm wanted upstairs." I smiled at him and left him looking puzzled. Then I headed upstairs to see what Aysh wanted. I could hear the others filling him in on our relationship, and I could feel the other newbie giving me evils. Oh dear, was he going to cause me issues? I shrugged off the feeling and knocked on Aysh's bedroom door.

The End

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