Aysh: New Guys.....

Well, this is the answered prayers of some of the girls here. A new guy walked in the door shortly after Arc came back. I'll admit, he was cute, but he is clueless. He doesn't even know what power he has. Talk about pathetic.

Either that, or he is a really good actor. He said his name is Felek. He seems to be scared, and worried, but trying to hide it. Almost no one can hide there feelings from me. I have been hiding my own for so long, That I can notice others fairly easily.

He scans the room, following behind Rephy. She seems to have become the welcoming committee. He looks around the room, taking it all in. The room full of teenagers all dressed in there own style. His eyes lock on mine, And he smiles. Oh, great.

I walk up to him and say hi. "My name is Aysh." With that, I turn around and fin Tami. "Here you go Tami." And a giant muffin basket appears in her hands. I hear the new guy whistle in amazment. Tami grins, and rushes up stairs.

I turn back, look at Kayden, And think of her coming back up stairs with me, to talk. She says,"Sure Aysh, I'll be right there."

Then she introduces her self, pauses, and says,"And no, I am not a Psycopath." I giggle, and wait for her to come up stairs.

The End

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