Morph: Found


After three months of hitching rides with lorry drivers and moving from place to place, they finally found me. I'm not sure how they did it. I'd been walking down the streets of London when it happened. I felt a sharp prick on the back of my neck, and was aware of being dragged away from where I'd been standing. When I woke up, I was on a small boat, approaching an island. Why did I have a bad feeling about this? I sighed, morphing back in to my original form, the one I was born with. I looked under my chocolate coloured fringe and stared at the big house the boat was approaching. I blinked and rubbed my dark brown eyes a few times, to check I was seeing right. I'd been taken away to be put in a big fancy looking house? It made no sense to me.

Next thing I knew, I was being pushed out of the boat, and being dragged towards the house. I briefly wondered whether this was some sort of government conspiracy, but had no time to ponder the answer before I was shoved through the front door. I stumbled and looked around me. There was a large group of teenagers on the other side of the room. "Hello?" I called. I heard gasps and mumbling. I wondered why the big deal. "Two people in one day?" I heard somebody utter. Oh, so I wasn't the only newbie. A guy stepped out in front of me and stuck his hand out for me to shake. "Felek." He said. "The other newbie. I got here about an hour ago. What's your name?" I shook his hand and smiled at him. 

Okay, so he was upfront, but at least he was friendly. "What's your power?" I heard a female voice ask. "Morph" I replied chuckling, knowing that I'd just answered two questions with one word. Then I heard a squeal and saw a flash of blonde hair before I was jumped on. Literally. What the...? I laughed nervously, before noticing the chick that had just pounced on me. Kayden?

The End

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