Morph: Runaway

I'd been running for nearly a three months when they found me. During them months, I'd travelled from place to place, hitching rides and changing my identity regularly. Even my belongings changed regularly- all to keep up appearances. The only thing I kept with me was my guitar. Of course, being on the run, it had meant me missing out on my last year at schooling. Not like that bothered me. I'd been home schooled my entire life; my parents ran an expensive hotel chain, and the only school they would of let me attend would be one full of stuck up brats. I hate stuck up brats. Seriously, money might buy a lot of things, but just because you have some, that DOES not make you better than others. Money should not buy popularity. So, I stuck with a private tutor, meaning that in reality, I was ahead of others my age anyway.

It had all started when I first discovered my ability. I'm a performing arts nerd, I'll admit that, and at the time I was practising for an audition I was to be attending in the next town. I never performed in local shows, my family was too well known for that. I didn't want to be recognised for my parents success, I wanted to be recognised for my abilities. So, anyway, it was an audition for Oliver the musical. Coming from the south of England, a cockney accent didn't come naturally to me- or at least, it shouldn't have- so I'd decided to watch the movie for some inspiration. I sat staring at Dodger, imagining me speaking with his accent as I watched. I felt a funny feeling come over me, but I ignored it. Then I began to read my lines. To my complete surprise, my voice came out just as his had on the T.V. I found I could imitate any of the characters perfectly- male OR female. I got the role of course. I was only fifteen.

My power just got stronger and stronger from there. I discovered eventually, that I could change my physical features, as well as my voice, to imitate whoever I liked. I only ever told one person about that power- my best friend Katie. She was from my performing arts group in the city, and knew me better than I knew myself. That, is how I got my nickname- Morph. I used that name from then on in. It had been a few months after I discovered my power that I noticed them- the guards. Being from a very wealthy family, we had our own security guards. I'd personally ever seen the need for them, nor paid that much attention to them. But for some strange reason, I did notice when they all began to gradually get replaced. The new guards were bigger and more menacing and seemed to be watching my every move. For a month or so, I thought I was getting paranoid, but then I over heard something which changed all that. Something that made me run. 

"Ian, I know, you're getting impatient, but they had too much security. We had to get inside the house first. We needed to gain their trust." A guard stood just underneath my bedroom window on his phone. He mumbled a few times in agreement with whatever the person on the other end of the line said. "Yes boss. He has discovered his power; I've been watching. We'll have him by the end of the month." With that he hung up. I'd never considered being on the end of some sort of crazy kidnapping before, and I didn't want to start now. So I packed a small bag, with enough clothes to last a few weeks, and told my mum that I would be staying with Katie, making sure no guards were around to hear.  Then I left, and took to travelling.

The End

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