Felek: Screams

I walk toward the mansion, and here screams. And running feet. Someone either saw me and thought I was a robber or something, or there is a spider in a house girls. Neither one is good for me at the moment.

I walk up to what looks like a the main door, and knock.There is complete silence for about two seconds, then some one yells out,"Coming"

Then the door is opened, but no one is there. I voice says hi, but it comes from above my head. All the noise in the house has stopped. I glance up, and nearly pass out. There is a girl hanging from the ceiling. I can't see any strings, but there she is. She can tell she scared me, so she flips over and floats to the floor, like a normal human being.

She holds out her hand and tells me her name is Rephy, and her power is Gravity. Then she asks for mine. I tell her my name is Felek, and what does she mean "Power"? I don't have a power? do I?

She looks at me strange, then steps back, gesturing for me to enter. She leads me into the mansion, past a kitchen and a couple doors, into what appears to be a den. There are a ton of people here. About eight girls and about seven dudes. I wonder what they are all here for? Everyone is staring at me.

Including a very pretty blond in the front. Well, this could be fun after all.....

The End

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