Kayden: Confusion

There'd been so much planning on how to get Meita back over that last day. To be honest with you, I didn't understand a word of it... something about a black time hole, and something else about timeporting? There was also talk of some sort of power amplifying machine, although I wasn't sure if that was actually getting made.

I'd sat down on the couch, knowing that I was not being particularly helpful, in hopes that I could relax whilst everyone else had gathered around the breakfast bar in the kitchen making plans. I wasn't a hundred percent sure they'd even realised I wasn't there. Just then, Violet and Arc came bursting through a door on the opposite side of the room which, to be totally honest, I hadn't even noticed was there. They stopped in front of me, panting for breath. "Meita...containment...mirage...others...missing...Renon...escaped." That's about all I could make out from Violet's babbling. Either way, oh dear. I shouted through to the kitchen.  These two knew more than we did, and I was sure the others would be able to make use of the information- even if I couldn't.

The End

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