Jade: My Idea: Time Black Hole!

"No, no!" I cried. "Renon's force fields, remember? Ian, controling space, it wouldn't work."

"Why not?" asked Orphian.

"It wouldn't work. We can't really get out, our problem is fighting them when they're in. Which is why I need all of you." I pointed to Brandon, Adam, and Rephy. "Okay, everyone. You know how a black hole works? It's gravity pulls things in, stretching them like spageti." I saw understanding flash across Brandon's face.

"Time stops inside. The reason is, that space is like a rubber sheet. The more gravity something has, the more it makes the rubber sheet stretch. And a black hole has so much gravity that it goes down, down down, all the way to infinity, to what's called a singularity."

"How will this help us?" Rephy asked.

"Well, Rephy, if we can get them into a black hole, the space element won't be there, as in, we won't even see this black hole, but when someone goes in, they will be stretched like spageti, at the same time time will stop. We'll be able to go up, and slit his throat or something."

"What are we here for?" Brandon asked.

"You," I said, coming up to give him a kiss, "are here for support, mostly. I don't expect you to understand black holes and spacetime. That's what Adam is here for. I need someone to help me formulate the plan. He's the only one that could spot errors in my calculations. And we would have one shot at this.

"Rephy, you need to enforce the black hole, to make it seem belivable. I think Ian would know about, at least, the basics of a black hole, meaning that space is the reason the gravity is there. So it will seem that I'm controling space, too. Which could be entirely possible, seeing how closely they are linked. But then, maybe, we could stop him, for a little while at least. I don't see how we could use that now, but later, we need to have a plan for when one of them walks in. Just an idea, but one that we should tread on with care. We might not be able to reverse it."

The End

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