Brandon: you got it!

Orphian took the cigarette off me then ran upstairs. there was a crash and he ran back down.

"i have a simple solution to get out!" he yelled, "i can fire lazers through the walls and i can make one large enough that we can walk through and we can go help Meita" i looked at him although my face was blank my head was working over time. i took a long drag on the cigarette.

"If not atleast i can be a distraction, i just cant sit here and be so usless, anyone with me?" i asked.

i stepped forward and faced everybody.

"i think this dude has got a F*ing brilliant idea" i looked at him and began mumbling to myself.

"There fore..." i finished my rant of mumbling looking at him " the lazer would act as say, butane, for my fire, and create a fireball"

he stared at me questioningly.

i sighed " basically if we combined our powers your lazers would react with my fire and we could create an amazing distraction" i traced the scars that ran over my right side from the human fireball incident where i had the power overload. Orphian looked at them thinking.

"By joe i think we've got it" he yelled.

i threw my hand in the air for a high five and we clapped together laughing.

we turned around and everyone was staring at us wierdly.

"Dudee you pulled a nerd!" Kayden told Jade

The End

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