Brandon: ill just stand over here...

so after having the arguement with that Adam dude and Meita getting attacked... again... for the gazillionth time... Arc was telling a few people to do stuff and the rest of us were told to basically stand there... so i was like pheww ill just stand over here then and sat on my butt. i think Kayden heard because she laughed at me.

Jade had come running down the stairs saying about making a black hole.

"she has a point" i told Rephy once she had butted in.

she looked at me

"think about it" i hooked my arm around jades waist "with all of our powers we would be able to create a number of things that would affect different people"

they all looked at me strangley

"do you... uhhh get what i mean?"

still, they looked blank.

"i guess ill leave you to think about it" i said lighting a cigarette with a click of my fingers. i gestured to the new guys. "any of you smoke? coz i sure as hell could use a buddy right now"

The End

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