Felek: What "Funny Buisness"?


I am sitting at home, watching television, when out of no where, the door rings. Thinking it might be one of my buddies, I call to my mom, "I got it."

I walk to the door, and there is this giant dude, nd I have no idea who he is, or how he got a suit big enough to fit over his muscles. he reaches for me, and I step back. "What's up, Dude?" I ask him. He most likely has a couple issues, brought on by all the steroids.

He just turns his head and looks in the street. There is a big white vanpulling up, and I cranemy neck to see who gets out of it. I feel a sharp pain in my neck, and see the mountain man pull his hands back.

Just in time to catch me.


I wake up in what feels like a boat. I know, because I am getting sounds of some one being sick over the side. Serves him right. I wonder what happened. Where am I going?

I guess I twitch a little. Enough to let the guy sitting next to me know I am awake.

"No funny buisness, Kid." he growls at me.

What funny buisness? I have never seen this guy before in my life, have I? I am thinking these confused thoughts, when the boat reaches land. I get a violent shove, and I fall out of the motorboat. What the hell have I done?

The End

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