Meita: Cold

I feel the cold touch of iron as my arms are yanked behind my back.

I spot a flash of Tami and the others but then their gone. Like they came out of the unit and got sucked back in.

I scream as a needle is jabbed into my arm and gasp for breath. "You will work for me Meita" Ian says smiling.

"What was that?" I his trying to pull me arms out of the cuffs but Renon has placed a shield around them.

"A boost" he says smiling. I feel my face go white with fear.

"You really are crazy" I choke out. "If that was the chemical you've not only boosted my powers but made then grand scale" I shout it with anger but Ian just smiles.

"I know, you now control our entire atmosphere. You can create, control and destroy it" he says.

I jerk my arms wanting to rip his head off. "You're turning me in to a weapon" I scream.

"Of coarse.... One that I can control"

Then I feel something hard hit my head and I pass out.

The End

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