Rephy : Plan, plans, and more plans

Arc instructs me to increase gravity to a single point till we all start to shake. I do so, concentrating on just one point. Then we all start slowing down and feeling heavy, I decide to keep my gravity normal. So I'm the only one who is walking normally now, unless I touch someone else.

Suddenly, Jade bounces down the stairs, slowing down when she is forced by the heavy gravity.

"Where's Meita?" she asks. "Is she here? Where's Brandon, and Adam?" Then she adds, "Also, where's Rephy? I need to speak with all of them."

"I'm here!" I say, walking up to her. She looks at me, sulking because she had to be dragged down by the gravity. Brandon, and Adam all come slowly over to us. I smile at Adam and hold his hand. Instantly, the gravity force on him is released and he relaxes. He puts his arm around my shoulder.

"I think, we should make a black hole!" Jade tells us. We blink, and pause, and silence. Then we all burst out giggling.

"Seriously?" I ask her, raising one of my eyebrows.

"Yeah!" she replies sternly, staring us down. "It can work you know!" Then she tells us her plan.


The End

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