Aysh: Excitement

Well, that was odd. Ian showed up, and had a passionate discusion with Meita. Then Meita bowed over, and Ian snatched her. We all gasped, but it was too late. Nero just about passed out.

Then Arc took charge and started telling us what to do. we worked together, and for once, I listened to someone I don't know that well. He told Adam to start taking things apart, to make some sort of machiene. I couldn't really understand most of the tech talk.

Then it hit me that I could help. I butted in, and said I could make the machiene, but Arc said he trust two people more than one. What ever that means. I went off to help Adam, but not before I saw Kay's face. I smiled, and she gave me one back. But it didn't hide the jealousy I sw there.

It shocked me that she was doubting me. Like I am going to change teams now? We will have to talk later.....

The End

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