Jade: Scientific Plan

Ah, just like I had expected. Brandon and Adam were fighting over something, but then, lo and behold, the one I wanted to stretch like spagetti. Ian. And then, as everyone was getting ready to go after him, having taken Meita away, I was left in a corner, with so much noice around me, I couldn't speak what I needed to.

Adam was taking apart stuff, and everyone else was doing things to get ready. And I was stuck here. As I couldn't move time backwards, only slow it down or speed it up, I was left out.

I finally just went upstairs to finish writing in my diary. I felt that Adam was one who was more like me. I still loved Brandon more than anyone else on the planet, but Adam was someone who could be a good friend. Then, I had an idea. I grabbed a book of mine, and started reading.

After about half an hour of reading, I had a plan. If I wanted to, I could create a black hole. I wouldn't be able to access the space dimensions, but a time one? I was doing just that whenever I used my powers. Using all my powers, I could create one so deep, anyone who would go in would have the undesired effect of being pulled like spagetti. I could use Rephy for that.

Time had mass, in a way, there was imaginary time, etcetra. My plan was formulated. I bounded downstairs, and saw almost everyone. "Where's Meita?" I asked excitedly. "Is she here?" On second thought, I also added, "Where's Brandon, and Adam?" And then I forgot one part of my plan. "Also, where's Rephy? I need to speak with all of them."

The End

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