Aysh: Everything has to end.....

It was nice, just hanging out, watching forgien television. I am still glowing from the fact that Kayden likes me too. What are the chances of that? She is the only one right now that knows all of my story. Others know bits and peices, but she knows it all, in its horror movie intensity.

Then I realize there is one thing she doesn't know.

"Kay, did you know that Aysh isn't my real name?"

"What do you mean?"

Well, when all that was left of my house was ash, that's what I changed my name to."

"How did you get the 'Y' though?"

"I never liked normal names, and the 'Y' made it more of a reminder to me."

"A reminder of what? Your old life?"

"Nope, of the fact that I was a stuck up, rich girl, with no real friends. And of my promise to my self that that would change. And now it has. With you, I can be who I should have been in the first place."

She just kinda stares at me, and then we hear this whistle, like, a really high pitched dog whistle. Kayden groans, but I jump up. I am really hyper, I notice.

I grab Kay's hand, and we head for the door. We reach the balcony, and I realize we are still holding hands.

The End

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