Arc: Dammit!

Violet and I ran downstairs just in time to see Ian transport Meita somewhere else. Violet screams in anguish and I feel anger.

"What the hell!"

At this, a man enters.

"Hey, I'm James."

Rephy goes to James and introduces him to the situation. Then, I realize what I can do.

"Violet, can you feel Ian's emotions?"

She shakes her head.

"No, why."

"A little tidbit to my ability is I can hone in on energy signatures. Ian has a very interesting one, I can find it quickly and give him pain."

"But won't it be weak if he's far away?"

"Yes, which is why I need Adam to help me with something."

Luckily, Adam came down the stairs.

"Is there anything I can do?"

"Yes, I need you to create a device that will amplify the range of my abilities."

Startled by the request, he gets on it. Taking apart all the utensils in the house to find one.

Then Aysh speaks up.

"Uh, hello, I can create objects."

I nod.

"Right, create objects for Adam to take apart."

"Why can't I just create the object?"

I look at her, as if it was so simple.

"Because I trust two people better than one."

She nods and begins to help Adam. Rephy comes back with the new kid James.

"He can control ice."

"Good, Rephy I have a favour to ask you."

"What is it?"

"I want you to increaste gravity to a single point when I begin convulsing. Bringing all the inhabitants of the house into very close qualities."

She nodded, preparing himself.


She jumps, startled.


"I need you, after Rephy has increased the gravity, and after we are all extremly close, I want you to try to follow the target of my thought, and teleport us to there."

"How will I know that?"

Then Kayden pipes up.

"I can enter his mind, find the place then tell you."


Then Tami begins getting ready.

"Ok, everyone else, listen up! Except for the people who are doing things. We will attempt to go to Meita to save her. I will need all of you to be on guard, and bring any things that you need for your abilities to be offensive."

They all simply stand there, waiting. Then Violet grabs me by my wrist and spins me to her.

"Hmm, tough-leader-guy, that's cute."

Then she kissed me.

"Oh, I have an idea for you."

She kissed me again.


Then I kissed her.

"When I use my power, you can control the emotions radiating from them. So, direct their emotions back into them and they'll feel double pain and you won't feel any."

I kissed her again.

"That's a good idea."

Then before we could kiss again Orphian fake coughed to get our attention.


And so, we all worked hard eventually Adam created the machine. I used it and I amplyfied my range, I found Ian rather easily and began sending pain to him. Then, I felt myself convulsing. Rephy increased gravity and everyone was pushed together, then I felt Kayden enter my mind. Then, Tami teleported us to the desination. I opened my eyes and...

The End

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