Kayden: Shattered

. there was no such thing a calm day in The Unit. We'd laid in bed watching some programme that my dad used to watch in Australia. According to Aysh, they didn't have it the U.S, which I found quite interesting.  The bliss didn't last very long.  From downstairs, I could hear arguing. I sighed, trying to ignore it, but the voices got louder and louder. I looked at Aysh who rolled her eyes and sat up. I laughed and she offered her hand to help me up. I took it, and together we went to go see what all the commotion was about.  I grinned to myself when I realised that we were still holding hands.

Looking over the banister, I saw that Brandon and Adam were arguing about something, though I wasn't sure what. We headed downstairs to see what was up. Just then, as we got there, I heard a high pitched whistle. I grimaced, it hurt my ears. I looked up to see Meita vault the railings and land perfectly on her feet. "Everybody move". She hissed. Just then, our favourite person in the world appeared- Ian. Everybody backed off then. "Well, well, well still standing I see" He said smiling. "I was hoping maybe you'd be weaker" She scowled at him, and usual he didn't eve seem fazed.

Orphian offered his help, which Meita eventually accepted, and was mocked for by Ian. She told him that she'd seen her file and that she could rip him in half. He looked nervous and then plastered a cocky grin on his face. "But you wouldn't dare" he said. And then everything happened very fast. Next thing I knew, Meita had dropped to her knees, and I was holding Nero back. "Such a good little girl" Ian said placing a hand on her head, and then they were gone. What had just happened? 

The End

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