Meita: Fight or Surrender

I hear whistling and look out the window. No one's there. I run out the room and see a little quarrel happening between Brandon and Adam. "Everyone sshh" I shout. The all go quiet and the whistle echos around the building.

"What is that?" I hear Jade whisper walking along the balcony towards me. Then the whistle stops.

People try to talk again and I vault the railing. I land perfectly on my feet. "Everyone move" I hiss. Ian steps into the living area and everyone backs off slowly.

"Well, well, well still standing I see" He says smiling. "I was hoping maybe you'd be weaker"

"Get lost Ian" I spit.

I hear feet and turn to see Orphian walk in. As soon as he spots Ian he gets into a rough fighting stance.

"Go over there" I hiss.

"No, I can help" Orphian says.

"Oh, well great I could use it" I say turning back to face Ian.

"Two against one you seem to be losing your touch Meita if you need help" Ian says smiling.

"I know what's in my file Ian" I spit and I watch as his body tenses. "I could ripe you apart without consiquences"

"But you wouldn't dare" I remain silent.

"Meita" I flick my eyes left to see Nero worried gaze. I also see Adam's face in absolute shock then Rephy pulling on his arm to know what's happening.

I lower my fist and drop to my knees bowing my head. "Meita" Nero shouts but Kayden holds him back.

"Such a good little girl" Ian says placing a hand on my head. Then were gone, Ian moving reality around us so we get to the right place he wants us to be.

The End

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