Jade: Adam

I was able to follow Meita into the kitchen, and watched quietly as she talked, and yelled, at Adam. After she went upstairs, I went to have a chat with him.

"Hey there, Adam." I said. "So, you're the reason we're here, even though it's not your fault?"

"Yeah." he replied, looking like he was going to cry.

"So what? I like my powers, and I think most people here do. Don't feel bad."

"Thanks, um... Jade."

" What about Meita? What do you think?"

"I don't know... Is she always the center of attention?"

"Yeah, she is. I don't like her powers. It's unnatural. I only like things I can understand. Time, black holes, eleven dimensional super-gravity, sure. But anything practical..."

"I understand."

We stood, talking, for a while. But then I noticed Brandon, looking rather forlorn, standing a ways away. "Come here," I said. "Meet Adam. I'll be back in a bit."

I went to my room, to write in my diary. I wanted to write about Adam, and the reason we were here. I simply jotted some things down on a spare sheet of paper, and before I could start writing, I heard two voices downstairs. Adam and Brandon, and their voices didn't sound happy.

"Cut it out, guys." I muttered, stopping time for them. I knew I probably shouldn't have introduced Brandon to Adam. They were poles apart. And I was going to be stuck at the equator, once I got down there. I wouldn't be surprised if Brandon had burned a hole in my new friend.

"Jade?" someone asked, knocking. "Adam and Brandon are having a little argument, will you please come help?"


The End

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