Aysh: Time For Fun

I skip across the hall and knock on the door marked with the name, Kayden. I hear her call out for me to come in. I open the door, and prance into the room.

I notice the T.V. on. She is laying on her bed, surrounded by pillows. She smiles and I tell her she missed out. I luagh at her confused expression, and tell her about my shower. "You missed out, Kay. No fancy shower for you..." Then I give her a very lady like face, and stick out my tongue.

She starts luaghing hystericaly, and I just sit down beside her. By the time she stops, gasping for breath, I am all comfy next to her. We look at each other, and crack up again. Then we settle in, watching some channel they don't have in america.

Wow, this place is wierd. I am learning about cultures and science and teenagers. I am the loner I used to be......

I hope it will not end. I smile at Kayden, and Hope this will last a while.

The End

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