Aysh: Love is in the air..... And Syrup.....

I love food fights.

Of course, I have a big deal in who wins. I pictured a pancake slingshot, and a syrup gun, for both me and Kayden. We looked at each other, then turned around and dominated the playing field. We got Jade before she wimped out.

After it was over, I quickly got rid of my helpers, so no one could blame me for cheating. When Aurili came down stairs, I gave her an apoligetic smile, then went upstairs with Kayden. We split ways at our rooms, and we went to get clean.

I locked my door, not that it would do much good here, and manifested a shower. One of those fancy ones with the pulsing jets and the music system. I stepped in, and watched the mess go down the drain. I spent a little while longer on my hair, and used several different conditioners and combs.

After I was no longer coved in breakfast food items, I stepped out, and into A plush white robe. Spinning around my room, water droplets flinging themselves from my hair, I wondered why I was like this.

The obviuos answer came to mind, Love, but I don't thik thats it. I as  I am thinking deep thoughts, I make it to my Closet. Not as big as it was, but big enough. I picture a blue and green flowered sun dress, and it pops into my hands. Slipping the silken material over my head, I look in the mirror.

My Blonde hair is damp and wavy. My green eyes match the dress perfectly. One of the good things about my power, is being your own designer.

I make the shower disappear, and create a canopy over my new four poster bed. Wow.

I wonder how Kayden is doing. I am going to go offer my shower help.

The End

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