Rephy : Alone together

I sit on the bed looking nervous. Adam sits next to me, fiddling with the controller.

"You okay?" he asks me, concerned. I nod twice.

"It's just so scary, how much power Meita has." I say, "I can't imagine how she feels, if I knew I had so much energy, I'd be scaring myself to death, worrying about what would happen everytime I touched something."

"She'll be fine, Rephy," Adam tells me, "You worry too much, Meita is powerful enough to control it, I'm sure. Relax." He gives me a hug.

"I think I'll go for a walk." I say, standing up.

"Oh, uh, I'd come with you but I have to look at this controller and plus, where are you going to go? This place is surrounded, basically."

"I'm not even leaving the room!" I laugh, I walk up the wall and onto the ceiling. I see Adam's mouth open in surprise.

"Clever," he grins. I walk over just to where he is sitting downside-up and I look into his sparkling green eyes, full of honesty and trust. I smile at him.

Adam gives me a peck on the cheek. I feel blood rushing to my cheeks instantly, and I look away. He just chuckles.

The End

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