Meita: Rip the world in half?

I know Adam had carried on talking but what he had said had shocked me.

I.... I can ripe a hole in the sky.

I slump to the floor and Rephy turns to look at me. "I.... I could ripe a hole in the sky" I whisper.

"Well, that's what it says in your report. You have the power to force oceans against their will, rip apart mountains with a tornado..... Didn't you read your own file?"

"Not really" I whisper. "Ian forbade both me and Renon to"

"Well I guessed Renon was still alive since theres that force field" Adam mutter looking out the windows.

"So not only could se kill us all she could rip the planet in half" Rephy whispers.

"When, her powers have finally reached their peak she will be the powerfullest being in all of creation" Adam says shrugging. "She'd be more stronger than Ian and he controls space which is our reality"

"No one speak of this. We need to keep this private" I say standing up. "Work on this"

I hand the controller to Adam. "Find out as much as you can" Then without waiting for a reply I run out the room and into my own slamming the door behind me.

The End

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