Adam: Escape?

Meita knocked on my door and apologised. So did I. Then Rephy appeared from behind Meita and I smiled at her. Thats when Meita told me what the phone thing really was. A controller.

I'm flicking through the pages of Dad's journal looking for sets of numbers or the word controller or something to give us a clue. Then I see it.

System Security Defences

....and even though I don't know why I'm building this place something about it feels wrong. They said it was to help the children survive if they couldn't cope with the real world but if feels more like a prison to me. I suppose if it's going to be a juvenile home or something...
...This security system has four controllers only. I don't know why but they won't let me programme them without codes. I can't write them down anywhere and only 6 people in the world know them. If the unit falls into the wrong hands then the security system could be used against us all. Only two people could escape it. Adam is one....

"Meita look" I show her the entry excitedly and she gasps. "Of course, you can talk to machines and stuff so you can probably find out the codes from the actual system." "But who's the other one he says can escape?" She looks confused and I shake my head "I think he means you. You have power over air Meita. That means you have power over pressure. I read your file. Your powers still aren't fully developed but when they start you'll get headaches and be tired a lot. You're powerful enough to tear a hole in the sky Meita, I don't think a forcefield could last that long against you... do you? And I'm not sure that it'll be that simple getting the code's, they must know about my power now so they wouldn't put me in here if it was that easy for me to break out" I stop "Wait...unless they want us to try to escape? Maybe so they can have a reason to kill some of us? Meita I think there's so many of us now that we're getting to strong."

The End

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