Meita: I'm sorry

I sigh. Why did I do that?

I shake my head. "Adam" I call running after him. I hear the door of his room slam and go up stairs.

I knock lightly. "Go away" he shouts.

"Adam..... I'm sorry" I call through. The door creaks open and he glares but it slowly softens.

"I'm sorry" I choke out. "It's right everyone's made stupid mistakes in the past me the most" I look at the floor.

I hear him sigh. "I know Meita" he says placing a hand on my shoulder. "I read your file"

"Really?" I say shocked. "Which was your favorite part?"

"The time when you slammed Ian into a wall" We burst out laughing and I look at him.

"I truely am sorry" I say.

"I'm sorry as well"

"So am I" We turn to see Rephy. "But you did ask for it"

We all begin to laugh. "That I did.... Besides we shouldn't fight and I don't think you know what this is" I say shaking the controller.

"No, not really" he mutters. "Looks like a phone"

"It's a controller" Rephy says skipping over. "But we don't have the codes"

I watch Adam's eyes go wide. "But they might be in my fathers journal" he says running into his room. Me and Rephy look at each other and run in.

The End

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