Adam: Telling the truth while trying to keep secrets

Rephy came down the stairs with a towel on her head and now I can't take my eyes off her. Her eyes are sparkling and her skin is.....then I realise she's looking at me and saying something.

"Uh what?" I stammer. She looks at me funny "Pancakes? As in are you  hungry?" Oh right, I realise I'm starving and tell her so. She smiles. "Ok that's one more for pancakes!" she laughs as she starts to get them ready.

I absent mindedly pick up something off the table and start to play with it. It's only when someone gasps that I realise I'm holding what looks like a mobile phone. People seem to be staring at me as if they're waiting for my head to explode or something. Then I feel a hand grab  my shoulder and the guy they call Nero reaches over and takes it off me.

"Don't touch it." his voice is mistrusting and as he hands it to Meita while everyone looks at me warily I realise that if I'm going to fit in here at all then I suppose I'll have to tell them who I am. But I really don't want to.

I sigh. "None of you trust me at all." I feel like a kid again and stare at my hands.

"You've been here nearly 3 days now and none of us know anything about you, not even what your power is." Arc comes in, followed by Violet. He's staring at me in complete distrust. "You also have dogtags. Only the military have them. And they're the reason we're stuck in this joint in the first place. We don't exactly welcome people like that with open arms."

I stand up slowly and everyone takes a step back. Holding up my hands I turn to face Meita and surprise everyone when I bow.

"I've only ever heard of you Meita. I thought you died when I heard about the tsunami and... Nevermind." She seems surprised that I know of her and so I hurry on before they think I'm some kind of threat from her past. I had picked up enough gossip to know her past was coming back to haunt everyone, and not in a good way.

"Look, Meita my Dad, his name was Brian Jenson, Dr.Brian Jenson." Meita raises her hand to her mouth in surprise and then her eyes narrow. "You're the son of the other one." She glared at me. "You're dad is the reason the security is so good in here. It's your dad's fault we can't get out of the unit. Because of him I have to make horrible choices. And you helped him, little Jenson's maths genius son! I hate you!" she looks like she's going to kill me and I can feel the rush of the air as it pulls away from me. Leaving my lungs. Precious precious air...

"Wait. Please. It's not my fault, I was just a kid, I didn't know any better." I choke out. Then suddenly I can breathe again and I look up to see Rephy standing between me and Meita, her hands on her hips and a light dusting of flour covering her. "Meita that is not fair. If you get to treat him like that then why don't we get to treat you the same way? Huh? He did stupid things when he was a kid. So what? I think nearly all of us here have done something stupid. If he's such a bad guy then why did they throw him in here with the rest of us?

"I don't know why he's here. As far as I know he has no power anyway. He was born in 1999, he's not one of the 2000 babies. I still hate him. I hated his dad too!" Meita is really angry. She throws the phone thing at me as I try to stand up and it bounces off the wall and shatters into bits. "Oh no!" she cries, running to pick it up.

I was angry myself. No power, who does she think she is saying I have no power? I push her out of the way and Nero catches her, everyone is shocked and the silence was deafening.
I stand in the centre of the kitchen and wave my hands, the pieces fly to me in a wave of electric energy and I concentrate on talking to the machine, sussing it's problems and putting it back together again. Finally it's done and I put it in Meita's hand.

"I'm a technopath. The only one on the planet. Don't say I don't have any powers because I do. I control technology, electric pulses and stuff." I turn to Arc next. "I wear dog tags because I like them and they're useful. They keep me thinking about all stuff I don't know about myself that I found written in my Dad's files after he died. Stuff like what the hell 'Dormant' means. Also they let people know I'm diabetic if I happen to collapse without warning. And now people I'm sorry but that's all I've got to say about myself because there's other quite personal stuff I'm not willing to share."

I think it's the longest speech I've ever made and I turn and walk out the back door before anyone can say anything else.

I'm not hungry anymore.

The End

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