Rephy : Pan-cake

The food fight was.....messy. I decided to hide under the table for a while so it would die down eventually, but I couldn't resist throwing one out when a pancake went splat on my face. Adam is doing well, he seems not able to remember what happened before, but hopefully he'll recover and tell us about who he is. Violet and Arc had already retreated to showers. After around 5 minutes, the kitchen was a complete mess. Pancakes stuck on the wall, ice-cream dribbling down the table, and honey stuck on the chairs. I float upstairs and knock on Aurili's bedroom door. She opens the door then stares at me.

"Hi," I say to her, wiping honey off my cheeks.

"What happened to you?!" she asks, stepping back in horror.

"Food fight." I explain, that is all she needed to know anyway. She nods.

"Want me to clean up?" she asks.

"Yes please!" I reply, "Um, yeah....I'll just go hop in the shower."

"Sure." Then she heads downstairs.

After 20 minutes of slow shampooing, conditioning, and soaping, I get out of the shower and feel my tummy grumble. Very loudly. I walk down to the kitchen with a towel on my head, a few others are there too, showered and clean.

"I'm hungry." I call, "Who wants some pancakes?"

The End

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