Meita: Think about it

I look at Jade. "Well put two and two together we would make a pretty big threat to their plans" I say shrugging.

"But why does Renon think you are his main threat? I mean I know your powerfull but..."

I turn and gesture Nero to come out. He sits down next to me and I look back at Jade.

"I don't know Jade, I think its cause of my powers defences..... I mean he can't kill air other wise he would die himself" I say shrugging.

"Is that what would happen if you died???" Jade says looking confused.

"Well, the last time I almost died.... I sort of began to destroy the atmosphere of the planet with me. Like all the gases and compounds of the air. I was the reason of a sunami can't remember which one"

I see Jade shocked face and turn to see Nero raising an eyebrow. I thinks he's just use to this now. I turn back to Jade.

"You would kill the planet" she shouts.

"Well, the scientists worked out I did it as a defence mechanisem. Like if I was attacked and killed by someone else my powers would just lash out and disperse all compounds of air. While if I died from old age or an illness my body would sort of just release it grip" I say shrugging.

"My brain hurts" Jade mumbles.

"Just think about it, it all makes perfect sense" I say then I fall back to lay on the grass putting my hands up behind my head.

I hear Nero laugh and he shakes his head. "I'm going to see if things have calmed down" Jade says getting up and walking off.

Nero lies down and pulls me into his arms. Hugging is such an amazing thing, calms you however your feeling.

The End

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