Violet: Wow, what conditioner do you use?

After ten minutes, I was still curled up to Arc. He had his lips pushed against my silky black hair, kissing it. I sighed and lifted his arm off of me. I then sat in exactly the same position as he was in, cross legged on the bed, so we faced each other.

Am I really in love? Really? Well, here goes nothing.

"Follow my lead," I whispered, smiling. I bent my head closer to his, and he did the same to me.

"Sure, sure." He breathed evenly, unlike me. Darn breathing, I muttered to myself inside the safe walls of my head. Actually, not so safe. I wouldn't be surprised if Kayden was listening right n-

Our lips crushed together. My hand unconsciously rose to his smooth hair as I pulled his head closer to mine. My arms then moved and flung around his shoulders as his tightened protectively round my waist. My eyes were shut; I didn't need them for this. Just the sense of touch, the sense of him..

Then the door swung open. I felt like karate-kicking them in the face, whoever it was. But, we swiftly pulled away from eachother, a smile hinting in his eyes. The person from the door had disappeared, realising they had interrupted. My hands flew back to his hair again.

"Wow." I muttered. "What conditioner do you use? I need some of this stuff." It was totally random, and pretty off subject, but it was funny. Woah, I really was going fast with this so called love.

"I love you." His hands were still on my waist, constantly pulling me closer to him.

"I love you too," I managed to gasp through my hyperventilation.

The End

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