Jade: Food Is Supposed To Go In Your Mouth

So, Kayden gave me hell about hiding in her closet, but not as bad as I thought. And now everyone was talking, and then a food fight. Oh yay. I hated food fights. Wasn't food suppposed to go in your mouth?

I wondered what Ian or Renon- or both- would show up again. When a week was up, I would have to make the decision. Oh, I already knew my decision! I was gonna die, as were we all.

Well then, I thought, I better finish that book I was reading.

"Jade," Brandon said from behind me. Wait, I thought. I'll reorganize my priorities...

"Jade, why don't you come join the food fight?" he asked.

"Because food is supposed to go in your mouth!"

"C'mon! It's fun."

"No, Brandon. I'm gonna go read, but when that fight has calmed down, call me." I then sped up time for the kitchen, all of the people moving in fast forward. "It'll be calm." I said. "In just a couple of seconds."

I went upstairs to grab my book, but then decided to read it outside. I sat near the force field, keeping one eye on it. Meita came, soon, and sat beside me.

"Meita, why are we here? Are we really that dangerous?" I asked.

The End

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