Kayden: Gossip

I went downstairs just to discover that everybody seemed to know about the sudden development between me and Aysh. I wasn't sure how, but then it clicked. Brandon. But  really, how did he know? I know that he guessed that time at the disco but... I saw Jade looking shifty. I called her over and we asked a few questions. It turns out that she was hiding in my closet. What the hell?! Had nobody heard of privacy in this house? I complained at her for spying on people- feeling ever so slightly hypocritical- and then I watched a food fight begin to take place.

Everybody had been eating pancakes before, but let me tell you now, they were no longer on the plates. I sighed. Sure. I was in a hyper mood, but Jade  had annoyed me and I wasn't up for a food fight. I looked at my watch; 9:05. Was that it? I wasn't very hungry anyway. I stole a muffin, going in fridge when no one was looking, and headed back upstairs. My plan was to have a nice quiet morning, just me, my duvet and a DVD, though that plan didn't quite work out.

The End

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