Meita: Summers day

I looked out the window and saw bright rays of sun. "I want to go outside" I mutter.

"Okay" Nero says standing up and offering his hand. I take it and he pulls me to my feet.

We make our way down the staris and we pass the kitchen. A pancake hits me in the face and I hear everyone gasp. I take it of and look at Kayden whose frozen.

Then I smile and baseball pitch the thing right back at her face. Everyone burst out laughing then I spot two new kids.

"May I ask who you are?" I say walking over to then Nero at my heels. I keep my arms firmly crossed and tilt my head.



"Nice to meet you this is Nero and I'm Meita" I say smiling.

Adam eyes slightly bulge.

"Well, it's a nice's summers day outside. I'm going out" I say.

"You can go out" Orphian asks.

"Its a small shielded garden but its the best we get" I say turning round. I take Nero's hand and we walk out of the kitchen.

We come out into the garden and I lift my face up to let the sun soak it.

The End

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