Arc: Hmm, heavenly. The pancakes are good too.

As Violet and I finally finish the pancakes, all 101 of them, we took a few plates for ourselves and ate on the stairs. Then, we began talking about the new people.

"So, Orphian and Adam."

"Yeah, they're new. Adam scared me when he died."

I laughed.

"Luckily, he came back!"

"Yeah, I know!"

Then, Violet cuts a piece of her pancake, picks it up with her fork, douses it in syrup and shoves it in my mouth. I chew, and swallow. It was a good pancake.

"Mmm, amazing."

She giggled.

"The pancake was good too."

At this she just laughed outright. And I did as well. Then, I shoved a piece of pancake into her mouth.

"Mmm, amazing."

Knowing what she was going to say, I countered.

"I know I am."

Then she laughed.

"I was talking about the pancakes, silly!"

Then we both laughed.

I haven't laughed in so long, it feels so good.

"Yes, well I don't trust that Adam character."

Violet looks at me, bewildered by my statement.

"What! What did he do!"

I ate a piece of pancake.

"Well; one, we don't know his power; two, I feel like he's hiding something from us; and three, he has a dogtag."

She ate a piece of pancake.

"What does him having a dogtag have to do with anything?"

"Only the army wears dogtags, and the army all put us here." I said as I ate another piece of pancake.

"I can guarantee you, that he is not with the army."

"Oh really? How?" I callenged, eating another piece of pancake.

"He has amnesia, and he feels truly greatful to have been saved."

I pondered her words for a few moments while I ate the pancake.

"Hmm, well you're probably right. You can, after all, feel emotions."

And pain.


At this she shoved another piece of pancake in my mouth, but it missed hitting my cheek instead.


I smiled then threw a piece of pancake at her, she ducked and it hit Aysh behind her.

"Food fight!"

The End

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